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Style and Confidence with Julianne Costigan

October 05, 2021 Emma and Xavier Season 1 Episode 12
Curious Conversations: A Podcast for Kids by Kids
Style and Confidence with Julianne Costigan
Show Notes

What is a stylist? 

In today’s episode we learn it can be many things and it’s not just about the clothes according to our guest Julianne Costigan. 

Her style philosophy is…

“Having great style leads to confidence and confidence leads to success.”

Julianne is Creative Director and CEO at Julianne Costigan Executive Fashion Consulting where she works with celebrities, models, 'regular’ women and men and even kids. 

What does it mean to find your uniform? 

How does a closet interview work?

What is Julianne’s Digital Style Guide?

These are just some of the questions Julianne answers for us. We also hear what her years of Irish dancing taught her and how it applies to her job today. And we get to talk about cute baby George and about Julianne’s Mom, Georgia who was a past guest on Curious Conversations. 

Here are some of the fun things we talked about in our conversation today and where you can find them in this episode! 

4:36 - We hear about some of Julianne's clients including Demi Lovato and Meghan Trainor

11:01 - Learn all about Juliann’s Digital Style Guide

13:28 - Hear how Julianne worked with Bianca Andreescu after she won the U.S. Open

15:53 - We chat about Raffi Jewellers, MODALINA Magazine and how all three of us know Marina Garabetian

30:05 - Julianne asks the questions and we talk about our wish list for the podcast including P!nk and Dave Filoni

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