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Around The World in 37 Minutes with Emelie and Ania

September 07, 2021 Emma and Xavier Season 1 Episode 10
Curious Conversations: A Podcast for Kids by Kids
Around The World in 37 Minutes with Emelie and Ania
Show Notes

Join us as we travel around the world in 37 minutes with Emelie Cheng Pollard and her daughter Ania. It’s an interview of firsts! Our first international interview and our first mother / daughter interview. 

Emelie is a Canadian who now makes Stockholm, Sweden her home with her family. She is a graphic designer and is currently an art director with the kids department at H&M. We learn what a graphic designer is and what they do!

Emelie is interested in all things design-related but also enjoys cooking, photography, travel writing, and being out in nature – but her biggest passion is definitely travelling! 

We had fun talking with Emelie and Ania in the same interview. Listen to Ania’s perspectives on what her Mom’s job is, the differences between living in Canada and Sweden and her many travel recommendations! 

Together, Emelie and Ania share their travel stories which take us all over the world from Canada to Europe, Asia, India, Pakistan, Scandinavia, the Faroe Islands and so much more. 

We also talk about our favourite museums, amusement parks, travel bucket lists and more. As school starts, join us for a world wide field trip which we hope will inspire your future travel adventures!

Connect with Emelie through her website or either of her Instagram accounts.



Here are some of the things that came up in our conversation with Emelie and Ania and where you can find them in this episode!

3:05 - Havergal College

10:43 - Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden

20:06 - Cirque du Soleil 

20:37 - Faroe Islands, where there are more sheep than people!

24:08 - Museum Chat, where we talk about the Swedish National Museum of Science and Technology, Denmark’s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and the The Metropolitan Museum of Art

27:36 - Greta Thunberg & Brandon Stanton

32:40 - Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark

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