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Bricktastic with Graeme Dymond: Part 1

July 27, 2021 Emma and Xavier Season 1 Episode 6
Curious Conversations: A Podcast for Kids by Kids
Bricktastic with Graeme Dymond: Part 1
Show Notes

If you love LEGO as much as we do you won’t want to miss this conversation and the next one. We had so much fun talking LEGO with Graeme Dymond that we had to make our conversation into two episodes.

In Bricktastic: Part 1 we talk to Graeme about what it takes to be a LEGO Master Builder. We learn that there are many different Master Builder titles and so many ways to become one. But no matter which title or job you have it is really just another way of saying you get to wake up everyday and play with LEGO bricks for a living. 

Graeme’s journey started as a toddler playing with LEGO at home and he never stopped playing with LEGO bricks. This led him to a Brick Factor competition at the LEGO Discovery Centre in Toronto which he won and then he went on to become a LEGO Master Builder and a LEGO Certified Professional. We also discover what Graeme’s first LEGO set was and what his all time favourite LEGO set is.

We even talk about the LEGO Masters Builder show that is on TV right now!

Did you know that mini figure legs can be used in many different ways that are not just legs? We didn’t, but Graeme shows us this amazing new way to use legs when building LEGO.

We talk about so many different LEGO sets. If you are wondering what they look like or are interested in building them here is all the set information you will need!

Pirate Theme Forbidden Island (6270)

Deep Freeze Defender (6973)

Harry Potter The Knight Bus (75957)

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express (75955)

Harry Potter Advent Calendar (75955)

Harry Potter Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge (75946)

Harry Potter Hogawarts Wizard’s Chess (76392)

Harry Potter The Burrow

Seinfeld (21328)

NINJAGO City Gardens (71741)

The Razor Crest (75292)

Star Wars Death Star (10188)

R2D2 (75308)

Typewriter (21327)

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